Modest Mouse: Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

I think, in a way, a lot of people wanted this album to really suck. I get the impression with fans of Modest Mouse that they kinda wanna brush them off now, so that they can really gloat over ‘the time they saw Modest Mouse for 5 bucks.’ All the square rimmed indie fuckers were just waiting for Brock to screw up, just pining for that moment when a major release would be really bad. These are the people who ‘saw Modest Mouse for 5 bucks’ ten years ago; the same rocknrollers who bought the shirt with the buffalo from the show, not from ebay. They own all the 7”s, but show no sign of excitement when people mention them. Well, too bad fuckers; you’ll have to wait a little longer before you designate Brock and his new team of soldiers to ‘once a great band’ status. Good News is a great album. Its not Moon and Antartica, but its great and here’s why. For one, they’ve hired a new guitarist which allows Brock to screw up and not sound as bad as if he were the only one playing. Secondly, the new drummer Benjamin Weikel. He’s not as improv-esque as Jeremiah Green, meaning the album doesn’t have the tiny, almost inaudible symbol taps and clever rolls that made ‘Building Something Out of Nothing’ so damn amazing, but he’s got a fresh style. Third, Brock sounds happier and that can be a good thing. Any fan of the band Suede will tell you that sobriety killed the band’s great sound, but one can't fault a person for trying to take the straight and narrow. “My friends, my habits, my family, they mean so much to me”; “We’ll all float on all right”. Is this a happy Isaac Brock? Is this the same Brock, the self-claimed crack head who, during one interview, gloated over having to run from the phone to flush his drugs down the toilet because he heard a cop car. Yes my friends, it is. At this point, I could describe which songs I like best and its inevitable that I’d mention Tom Waits in there somewhere, but I’d rather not. Any fan of good music (which means that its not played incessantly on the radio) knows Modest Mouse is a great band. It won’t take yet another review of certain songs to make a person purchase this great album. Modest Mouse’s track record speaks for itself and this record belongs in anyone’s collection.

Darren Susin

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