Song of the Day 9/10/08: People Under the Stairs - Anotha BBQ


Considering their prowess on the turntables and the microphones, and their long-running consistency, it's baffling how long People Under the Stairs have sidestepped the mainstream spotlight. After all, even if you've never heard them hailed as "the next [insert hip hop legend here]," it's hard not to compare their sense of humor to The Pharcyde's, or their rarefied positivity to A Tribe Called Quest's uplifting mantras. "Anotha BBQ" rides in on the wavy mirage of sweltering summer heat, celebrating the season the only way it should be celebrated: grilled meat, liquor, women, and bona fide good times – void of violence and posturing gangsterisms. They are moving in the opposite direction of the hip hop norm, and it's impossible not to be sucked in by their innovation in the game.

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People Under The Stairs
song:Anotha Bbq
album:Fun DMC (Gold Dust Media)
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