Staff Picks 9/8/08: New Playlists


Three new playlists in our staff picks section this week, and we all have the late San Francisco summer on our minds. Here's what's new:

Ken's put together his enthusiastically titled "SUMMER SOUNDS MIXTAPE!!!" (caps and exclamation points his). Enjoy it the way we can't: sun + sweat + syrupy drink.

Cat goes way back, scanning the similars feature for one artist - Cex - and coming up with a blend of soul, soft electronics, and rock from deep in the archives.

Meanwhile, Phil heads the opposite direction, pulling the best tracks posted in the past month or so (with only two exceptions) - a nice cross-section of what's new if you haven't been following the front page recently.

That's the rundown of what's new this week - if this is your first introduction to the staff picks section, head on over to browse through past playlists, including guest picks from our friends at Rock Sellout, Culture Bully, Coffee Snorter and Fabulist.

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