Song of the Day 8/28/08: Taken By Trees - The Sweetness of Air France


Oh, those Swedes. Taken by Trees released a solid Swedish pop record this past June titled Open Field. Air France, the soft-electro-pop duo from, yes, Sweden, released their lovely sophomore EP this past May. On Taken by Trees' new single, "Sweetness," Air France has kindly remixed the track. The result titled, "The Sweetness of Air France," is both bands' best work to date. The sing-song reggae style of "Sweetness" seemed to focus on Victoria Bergsman's voice and her ability to tra-la-la above Jamaican beats. Whereas, "The Sweetness of Air France" buries her voice under a thin layer and slices it into rhythmic samples, which, ironically, seems to accent her voice even more. What is becoming Air France's signature string sampling swings in and out, while a funky, synthesizer bassline brings the song a more worldly feel.

Somehow Air France manages to sound synthetically '80s and danceably '90s, yet as current as any other act these days. Oh, those Swedes! Pick it up as CD or Vinyl from the Taken by Trees Shop.

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-Caleb Morairty

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