Song of the Day 8/26/08: Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Hot Chip Remix)


On paper, calling on Hot Chip to remix Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By" comes off as a pretty questionable idea. You've got one of the most direct, innovative hip hop groups in history on one side, and an outfit prominent for silly, off-kilter, smirking electronics on the other. Two things you'd expect to thrive off of their own purity - Pharcyde brings straight jams, and Hot Chip brings straight weird. Better to keep them separate, right? Then again, five years ago we would have said to keep The Beatles and Jay-Z separate, but we know how that experiment turned out. So gung ho into the waters of incongruity we go!

Thankfully, Hot Chip tones it down in this pass, pulling out a swatch of blues from their arsenal that we haven't quite seen before. It compliments the track perfectly - one of the more tender Pharcyde tracks, about perpetual shyness at the feet of potential sweethearts, deserves the uncharacteristically deep and sober organ that hot Chip delivers. It's less wayward than the original (almost like a circus act of puppy lust) and more melancholic - though, to Pharcyde's credit, the sadder texture was always there. Those who are skeptical of "typical" remix work - make everything louder / faster and call it a day - will find this one refreshing.

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No similar artist list today (our player will handle that for you) - instead, check out our feature on another surprising and brilliantly handled remix: Atlas Sound's treatment of The Chap's "They Have a Name."

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