Song of the Day 8/21/08: David Byrne & Brian Eno - Strange Overtones


David Byrne has kept in the public eye with a string of novel art projects - from turning a warehouse into a playable organ, to building odd bicycle racks in New York City - but it's been a criminally long time since I've heard any of his new music. It's a pleasure to find an opportunity to get reacquainted, what with Byrne and Brian Eno releasing the collaborative Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. "Strange Overtones" assuages any fears that their extended stay in the recording industry might cheapen their legacy - this is an expertly produced track that calls upon chirping reggae tics, lightweight synthesizers, and the usual cross-genre mishmash for which these artists have become so well known. It's a meta song-about-songwriting story, wherein Byrne eavesdrops on the amateur musicians in a neighboring flat and silently roots for them to work out the kinks in the song he hears them writing. It's actually surprisingly coherent and linear in light of Byrne's past lyrical work, but it's also tender and delivered with subtle melancholy. Don't miss these guys on their upcoming tour.

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