Best of the Web: Sublime Frequencies


This week's spot for Sublime Frequencies is going to be a quick one, because they don't give us much opportunity to be verbose. They do one thing and they do it well: dig up rare records and compilations from under-explored genres and time periods, and present them to the public. In their words, the focus is on "forms of human and natural expression not documented sufficiently through all channels of academic research, the modern recording industry, media, or corporate foundations." Once a particular title catches your eye, most of the fun lies in the internet scavenger hunt for sample songs to see if the record is really as good as the description makes it sound. (Hint: yes.) Support the efforts of these explorers and buy the first CD that piques your interest. If you're feeling brave, aim for the unbelievably cheap and diligently compiled DVD collection: Sublime Frequencies 39-recording compilation. Your music taste will thank you.

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