Staff Picks 8/14/08: New Playlists


Four new playlists in our staff picks section this week. Here's what's new:

Ken continues his extensive probe into the catchiest pop, funk and soul tracks in our archives - his picks are guaranteed to get you moving.

Caleb and Phil can't get enough of Passion Pit - it's the first track on each of their lists. Caleb's picks diverge into an eclectic, semi-offbeat mix while Phil's lean heavy on the electronic tip.

Cat still digs Hardly Art, the juggernaut offshoot of Sub Pop with a near perfect track record of good albums in its short history. Her picks feature three selections from the label, including the new and impressive Moondoggies.

That's the rundown of what's new this week - if this is your first introduction to the staff picks section, head on over to browse through past playlists, including guest picks from our friends at Rock Sellout, Culture Bully, Coffee Snorter and Fabulist.

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