Best of the Web: Online Presence for Under $10 a Year


A little change of pace in the Best of the Web feature this week - rather than spotlighting a website, we're focusing on a single article. We're on board with the surge of innovative, D.I.Y. promotion schemes, which is why we're pushing this one: it comes from HypeBot, and it's a step-by-step walkthrough to getting your band / label / PR company a solid web presence for under $10 a year. Here's a snippet:

Thanks to a plethora of ad-supported music sites creating a custom presence across the web does not have to be expensive. In this guest post, rising indie band manager Jeremy Mix of Mix Management shares his less than under $10 a year d.i.y. internet recipe.

"I like to recommend that my young bands "stick it to the man" by not paying for a custom website with monthly fees. Try this instead..."

Click through for the magic recipe. Enjoy the extra cash in your pocket.

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