Pygmalion Music Festival 2008


It seems like music festivals are popping up every week now, which is great news. Bigger acts such as Radiohead and Beck are touring the festival circuit and drawing huge crowds to these weekend showcases of past and present musical giants. However, one festival seems to stand out amongst the rest.

The Pygmalion Music Festival, taking place in Urbana, Illinois from September 17th to the 20th, focuses on local and national independent music acts, which seems like an anomaly in the cloud of major label music festivals that dominate the press. The headliners, Yo La Tengo, Black Mountain, and Dan Deacon, will certainly draw the bulk of the audience, but with over 60 independent acts confirmed, your highlight is bound to be the discovery of a new, amazing band. Plus, it's only fifty bucks for the whole weekend!

Here's the rundown:

When: September 17 - 20

Where: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (Two hours south of Chicago)

Why: Yo La Tengo, Black Mountain, Dan Deacon, and a huge line-up of indie bands.

How Much: $50 for all days or individual show tickets will be sold at the door. But, why not just buy an All-Weekend ticket? It's cheap!

Now that you know the details, betterPropaganda will now present you with the 2008 Pygmalion Music Festival Playlist featuring many of the acts on board for this year's festival. Click through the 16 bands at the right and download each individual mp3 or stream them all below. Enjoy!

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