Song of the Day 8/11/08: Bumblebeez - Rio


"Rio" is a sweet, juvenile shuffle with an arts-and-crafts feel to it - the sonic equivalent of a house built of popsicle sticks, gummy with coats of dried glue. Bumblebeez, much to our delight, barely hold this one together: it sways slightly from side to side, with hectic and seemingly improvised counterbalances (though it's all computer play) propping the whole thing up. The vocals carry traces of the trendy, bombastic lyrical stylings of CSS or Brazilian Girls but injected with the self-referencing, corny delivery you'd see in an instructional sing-along videotape in a high school foreign language class. It all meshes into something kind of novel - a weirdly youthful and charismatic ode to an exotic place.

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