Rock Sellout Presents: Elsiane


We check back in with our friends at Rock Sellout, in an effort to bring some of the under-the-radar gems floating around the blogs to a wider audience. In the past, they've tipped us off to Turn Blue and Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. This week we go the dreamy route with "Mend" by Elsiane.

In presenting Elsiane, I'm going to have to tread particularly carefully to sidestep lazy (and ultimately inequitable) comparisons to the crop of weird/distinctive female vocalists out there. When you play "Mend," you will be able to finish this sentence: "hey, she kind of sounds like ____________." It will behoove to immediately forget your answer. Instead, let's just say that Elsiane is a mold of every strange, otherworldly female vocalist you've heard - but melted down, re-sculpted into a new shape and solidified in the heat of a kiln. Her vocal styling is genuinely gripping: it's like her voice slips out of her throat and she's trying to crane her neck out like a swan to swallow it back down. All this over a swelling mix of classic instrumentation and warm electronics.

Here's what Rock Sellout has to say:

Elsiane is music for a relaxing evening at home, drinking Irish coffee & watching rain through the window. That seems like the most straight-forward way I can think of to describe them. At the same time, that might indicate to some that they create boring, overly ethereal music - and that's simply not true.

It's full of unique and sometimes challenging moments. At first, I wasn't sure I was on board with lead-singer Elsianne Caplette's vocal style. Initially, I was afraid it might grate over time, but the opposite actually proved true. After you're roughly half-way through the record, you're hooked, and you realize her voice is just another layer in the dreamscape.

Check their original post in full, which features this track, plus an extra video to get you acquainted.

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