60 Watt Kid - 2012 Breakdown


Do you remember the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo are stumbling through that circus-themed casino just after inhaling ether through the American flag? Duke says, "Bazooka's Circus is what the whole world would be doing Saturday nights if the Nazis had won the war. This was the Sixth Reich."

If the Nazis had won the war and, after conquering the rest of Earth, began dominating other planets, 60-Watt Kid would be the band playing at the party after they took over Mars. Wait, what the fuck does that mean?

Well, 60-Watt Kid claims to be from San Francisco, but these three men must be aliens walking around in human bodies, channeling the sounds of another planet. Their guitars, keys, vocals and percussion are reverberated beyond recognition, either to brainwash the humans that hear it or to secretly send messages to distant planets. Their rock is space-y and psychedelic. Their music seems to be improvisational and slovenly calculated, but it is actually calculated to be slovenly. Derek Thomas' guitar-playing sounds immature and erratic. Kevin Litrow's vocals are schizophrenic, as are his lyrics. Garrett Pierce's percussion is minimal and unfocused. But, once you dive a little deeper into each track, you'll realize that this drugged-up, art-pop sound is actually quite measured and you'll become quite taken by 60-Watt Kid. Or, maybe they've just brainwashed you.

Check out "2012 Breakdown," the title track from their new (FREE!) EP. You can also give "Ocsicnarf NaS" a listen, which is from their debut, self-titled record. Both are available through Absolutely Kosher.

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