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After pointing out the conspicuous absence of online radio stations from our Best of the Web series, our co-founder, Ken Manning, put in a plug for He added this simple tagline: " is the best on the web (period) for all types of electronic." If there's one disputable word in his testimonial, it isn't the hard superlatives - "best" and "period" - but the genre tacked on the end. When I cruised over this morning, their twenty-four hour live stream was square in the middle of a sweet crossover mix - I was greeted with some funk and soul woven into my fix of blippy electronics. No wonder this radio station is endorsed by Diplo, Carl Craig, and pretty much any damn DJ with ears: while there's wicked variety under the "electronic" umbrella, the Samurai DJs manage to cover it all - and still find time to step outside the yard into other musical territory when appropriate.

Anyone can throw together an internet radio station; nobody does it with more class and savvy than Samurai. Here's a mission statement of sorts from their About page, which encapsulates their benevolent and tender approach to the project: "Featuring the freshest sounds from the international scene as well as the finest home grown talent from Japan, we act as a portal for Japan to the rest of the world and the rest of the world to Japan." With the sheer scope and depth of their features, it's obvious they're succeeding: label spotlights, city showcases, guest mixes, and live recordings supplement their regular programming, making this the place to go for quality music any time your internet connection is working.

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