Song of the Day 7/22/08: Prints - Yippy


It's weird - since the first time I heard Prints' debut album, I can't picture their songs as anything other than living, breathing humans, all lined up in a row, dressed in curious, mesmerizing outfits. It's a strange fashion show, too: the towering model in the evening gown balances out the lanky hipster sporting running shorts and a headband on the other end of the line. With "Yippy," off their new Just Thoughts EP, I can't help but revive that association: the track is snug, slick, allowing exactly as much space as is necessary (and sometimes, with the weird hiccuping time signature, even a little bit less), and for that reason "Yippy" will be forever stuck in my mind as the image of a man wearing Spandex. Yeah! Their precision on this track is surreal, so why not show it off by making the production and musicianship as tight as possible? You're going to like this one - poppy, a little silly but gripping as all hell.

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