Label Spotlight: Morr Music


Record Label Spotlight: Morr Music
Morr likes pop music sprinkled with a little bit of electronic.

Morr Music creates the perfect soundtrack to a romantic evening, with swirling dreamy pop melodies and vintage inspired-beats, it's hard not to imagine walking arm and arm down the river Seine with the love of your life. The artists on Morr create beautiful and accessible electronic music that television shows like The OC or more topically, Gossip Girl, love to use in an overly dramatic break-up scene (like The OC did with The Album Leaf), and part of that is their accessibility.

Morr is a Berlin based independent record label specializing in IDM electronic blended with shoegazey post-rock. The label was created in 1999 by Thomas Morr and many of the artists on Morr are influenced by both shoegazer groups like My Bloody Valentine and even the Smiths as well as catchy IDM-inspired blips and bleeps that recall old-schoolers Aphex Twin and contemporary (though no longer in existence) Merck Records. Heavy hitters with releases on the Morr label include Mum, Lali Puna, Styrofoam, The Go Find and F.S. Blumm.

The artists on the Morr label are more accessible than many of their electronic label counterparts, and that's not a knock to the talents of the artists on the label. The thing is that the artists, like the Go Find and recent addition to the Morr family, People Press Play, are really just more enjoyable on repeated listens than something less fluid--or more importantly, less pop than say, Autechre or even at times, Boards of Canada. Morr appears more intent on putting out a pop record than something that will impress long-time and experienced electronic-IDM fans. That's a definite credit to the label, and to label founder Thomas Morr.

Some notable recent releases from Morr include People Press Play - People Press Play, Seabear - The Ghost That Carries Us Away, Butcher the Bar - Sleep At Your Own Speed, and Bobby and Blumm - Everybody Loves. Although the label hasn't drastically changed styles or grown in any different directions, Morr has definitely been consistent with showcasing quality acts and maintaining the dreamy style that the label represents.

- Nicole Coxe

[ play ] Play our 14-song Morr Music sampler featuring the following artists:

Benni Hemm Hemm
Bobby & Blumm
Butcher The Bar
Electric President
Lali Puna
People Press Play
Radical Face
The Go Find

Don't forget to visit Morr Music to check out the rest of their catalogue.

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