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Dreamend - "Are You Waking" from The Long Forgotten Friend - Out October 28th on Graveface Records

Since 2002, Dreamend has been carving beauty from the weathered gravestones of shoegaze music, using textured guitars and, oftentimes, muffled, yet powerful percussion, to wake the dead or lay them to rest. Lead-Dreamender, Ryan Graveface, masterfully reduces the morbidity of his death-related themes by juxtaposing robust guitars and drums with playful instrumentation, such as toy-piano twinkles and xylophone chimes. In the case of "Are You Waking," from Dreamend's The Long Forgotten Friend, a light-hearted piano melody slides over post-rock guitar layers as background oh-ohs wander to and fro, like ghosts in the wind. Graveface summons the dead asking "Are you waking?" seeking the truth behind the legend of a long forgotten friend, who wails ghostly cries at the climax of the song. Dreamend's upcoming album, The Long Forgotten Friend, will be an album that wanders through deserted graveyards and desolate terrains but, like My Bloody Valentine or, more currently, Minus Story, such morose themes will, ironically, give you a subdued feeling of utter joy.

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