Staff Picks: New Playlists!


Our staff picks section is fresh off a round of updates, featuring four new playlists from the core staff at betterPropaganda. Here's what's new:

Ken pieces together a suave funk / soul / hip hop mix.
Phil is your temporary therapist, devoting his picks entirely to upbeat jams.
Caleb looks hilarious sporting a bandanna and a beer cozy, but makes up for it with excellent taste in music.
Cat reminds us why she's our editor, reviving some of the best tracks in our archive that everyone else forgot.

That's the rundown of what's new this week - if this is your first introduction to the staff picks section, head on over to browse through past playlists, including guest picks from our friends at Rock Sellout, Culture Bully, Coffee Snorter and Fabulist.

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