Song of the Day 7/17/08: Irmin Schmidt - Kick On The Floods (Das Eb Remix)


German jazz/spazz/space-rockers, CAN, are as much a pioneer of music as Igor Stravinsky was, or as David Lynch is to film. They're the geniuses that everybody thought was crazy, which is one of the reasons that make them so appealing. So, mention anything to do with CAN and I am all over it. Main CAN man, Holgar Czukay, has gone off the deep end in the best sense of the term, experimenting with an array of sounds and silence, which came out particularly well on the Plight and Premonition EP with David Sylvian. Another founding member, Irmin Schmidt, has also continued to carry on CAN's torch of experimentalism, but in a more accessible manner. Partnering with breakbeat pioneer, Kumo, Irmin Schmidt has been perfecting his electronic experimentalism since the beginning of the decade, initally carving out a debut from his opera, Gormenghast. Mute Records has kindly offered to serve up the duo's second release, Axolotl Eyes, on July 22nd. To whet your appetite, here is a remix of opener, "Kick on the Floods (Das Eb Remix)." Although not actually as good as the original, it does have an industrial hardness to it that leans towards Nine Inch Nails better moments, which is interesting to say the least. The original track treads the mountain lakes of classical music and the murky swamps of electronic experimentation, as does the rest of Axolotl Eyes. This teaser is a good introduction, but Axolotl Eyes is an unnerving surprise of a record that rests on the outskirts of uncharted islands, where specific genres, such as classical, jazz, and electronica, don't exist, but melt into one volcano of aural beauty.

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Irmin Schmidt
song:Kick On The Floods (Das Eb Rem…
album:Axolotl Eyes (Mute)
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