Best of the Web: Soul Sides


I'm sure most music enthusiasts go through this cycle: every so often you'll hit a listening rut, where the flood of emerging artists seem largely underwhelming - each artist seemingly indistinguishable from the others. In these times - which come in waves, exemplary of the natural human aversion to stagnation and routine - you yearn for a new find that will genuinely make you excited about the music world again. More and more frequently - at least for me - this involves taking a momentary break from the present, and instead dipping back into the obscured or forgotten musical crevices of the past.

Problem is, at twenty years old, it's harder to step back into a previous era because a) I have no first-hand recollection of anything before the 1990s (and thus, no entry point for new discovery) and b) most music sites have an attention span that references the past three days or so, which, sadly, seems to be the shelf life of new music these days. This doesn't exactly help my mission of quenching a musical dry spell.

Enter Soul Sides, unquestionably the best destination for compelling cuts that saw their heyday before this generation's time. It seems that Soul Sides ought to resonate pretty keenly with two distinct usergroups. The first group, like me, seeks to recreate an era we don't remember - we want the gems above the fray of the trashy and narrow scope of vision that is the local classic rock / oldies radio station. In this case, the best perscription is to hit the first play button you see, kick back in an easy chair and let a slice of the past wash over your life. The second group consists of afficianados who lived in the decades most of these artists were still around and active; these folks will stick around for the incredibly in-depth and intriguing discussion, as it's clear Soul Sides founder Oliver Wang knows his history backward and forward. It's a level of familiarity and passion that I can only hope to match twenty more years down the line. Whatever your background, you will inevitably leave this site refreshed.

Also keep an eye on their sister sites: Soul Sights for videos and Summer Songs for particularly cheery selections.

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