Song of the Day 7/14/08: Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)


Ladyhawke has built quite a name for herself in the past year - she's become notorious for a heavily 80s-influenced sound and an irresistible voice. And with such alluring delivery, it's no surprise that an avalanche of remixes followed her catchy-as-hell single, "Paris is Burning." Alex Gopher got his hands on the track and worked it into this tireless electro-pop mover. Clocking in near 7 minutes, it stays loyal to the 80s synth / percussive vibe, but it's paced to facilitate a marathon dance session in a living room / club near you.

Oh, and if you need more proof that Ladyhawke is awesome, here's a final point of interest: she looks damn good in plaid. I rest my case.

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