Best of the Web: Largehearted Boy


David, prominent literature / music geek and sole proprietor of Largehearted Boy, must not get a whole lot of sleep - his blog is one of the most immaculately maintained culture repositories on the web. He runs a slew of features, some of them what you'd expect: laundry lists of free mp3s, comprehensive collection of new album releases (including full streams when available), and link collections from around the web.

But you'll want to dig deeper into the exclusives to find the real charm this site has to offer. His Note Books feature brings in quality musicians to discuss their literary tendencies (John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats kicked off the series); Book Notes does the opposite, allowing respected authors to compile a music playlist on the site. David also facilitates interviews between the two media, wherein authors interview musicians and vice versa. It's clean, complete, and compelling - the site is self-described as a "labor of love," a label that fits every feature he puts out. This is the kind of guy I'd like to have a drink with: intelligent, passionate and cultured, stopping well short of the proverbial "extended pinky finger syndrome" - the pretension that makes most other projects like this go sour.

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