Best of the Web: Gabba

Stumbling upon Gabba was a little like finding a long lost brother - I was struck by how similar it was to betterPropaganda, both in design and purpose. Gabba takes the boxy design to the extreme - it's just a bunch of lines, very minimal text (doesn't it end up getting in the way anyway?), and lots of good tunes. The key difference is that Gabba is user-driven: anyone can submit a song, but tracks are hand-picked for the front page by an editorial staff. So think of it as an mp3 site collectively maintained by hundreds of people. It seems to lean toward non-American electronic music, so expect to find a bunch of shit that no one else in your city (slash country) is talking about. Not too fancy, right? Just a music site dedicated to expanding your tastes in a filtered environment. Sounds kind of like us; no wonder we're into the idea.
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