SXSW: Staggering Home

We just staggered back from South by Southwest, Austin's big music fest. (If we insulted anyone terribly while there, mucho apologies.) We vaguely recall a beer soaked meeting with the guys from Lift to Experience. They're WAY important in our book, and very fun boys; look for tracks from them on Better Propaganda in the next couple weeks.

We thought The Dears and Silent League were even better in person. We sneaked in the backway to see the packed-to-capacity TV On The Radio show, which was phenomenal.  And Dizzee Rascal was REALLY awesome!  Totally altered-the-nature-of hip hop/garage right in front of us. Oh, there was also a great Aussie set, as well, but we got too drunk to remember any of the band names.

Mostly, we hung with the Touch and Go, File-13, Flame Shovel crowds ...We REALLY liked Atombombpocketknife, especially the too-lovely Allison. Tony the drummer is sooo fucking crazy. We just LOVE him and his life-sized lawn bunny - a big wet kiss to him. (Justin the singer works for Better Propaganda, btw, and is also delectable in every way...)

Better Propaganda's Justin Sinkovich Comments on SXSW:

Dizzee Rascal - was amazing he did three different freestyles without music, and completely pulled it off. He was one of the best hip hop shows i've ever seen - tough to pull off...

The Church - this was really really great. Can you believe it? The songs off the new album were actually my favorite. A first perhaps for a 'classic' band.

TV On The Radio - I saw these folks at one of their first shows, booked after Touch and Go signed them - a sold out show downstairs and it was horrible. I liked the albums, but their show at SXSW completely won me over. I'm a huge fan now.

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