Said the Gramophone Presents: Hologram


Today's guest columnist is Dan Beirne, of the wonderful Said the Gramophone. When we featured them a few weeks ago for our Best of the Web series, we asked if they wouldn't like to do a plug for one of their favorite artist. Dan replied and tipped us off to the infectiously catchy Hologram. Here's what he had to say:

"Hologram is a miracle disguised as an everyday event. To best describe what I mean, think of, well, think of a hologram. Like on a baseball card or a credit card. It's like looking at that floating silver baseball or that three-dimensional iridescent dover just taking off, and looking at it and looking at it, longer than normal. Longer than it takes to think, "Oh, that's cute," or "yep, seen that before." Looking at it long enough to realize that on this particular credit card, that it is in fact a real dove, frozen in mid-flight, mid-iridescence. It's tinier and more perfect than any bird you've seen, but damn it, that thing is real. Not only can you reach out and feel its silver silicon plumage, or it's leather seams, it's all yours, and it goes from being plain to priceless instantaneously. It's a secret you can keep or share, and a lot of people might not believe you even if you showed them, but you know for sure how much it means, how important and essential it really is. Oh, and also the credit card is magic and you can spend infinitely without being billed for any of your transactions. That's what Hologram is like."

play Hologram - "Team"

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