Song of the Day 6/25/08: Pink Skull - Crambodia (Plastic Little Remix)


For a clutch of rappers whose claim to fame revolves around deconstructing and destroying the hip hop norm, it makes sense that the beat behind this collaboration is skewed and backwards. Ghostface Killa, Spank Rock and Amanda Blank take turns on this track, which sounds like a grip of electrical wires being torn apart - but, you know, in a catchy, explosive sort of way. If you think that description sounds "weird as fuck," congratulations: you just echoed the sentiment of our editor while she was uploading this track to the site. But what else would you expect from so many lyricists at the top of their game? Nobody wants normal from their rap anymore, and this track's got the trip hop genre cornered.

play Pink Skull - "Crambodia (Plastic Little Remix)"

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