Fabulist Presents: Orouni


Joining us this week in our quest to expose lesser-known artists is Fabulist, the lovely art and culture blog which we featured in our Best of the Web series last week. Today we've got a track from Orouni, "Panic at the Beehive," which was recommended by Olga and the Fabulist crew.

It starts off the way you'd imagine the soundtrack to the inside of a child's head might sound - lovely and clean and bright and catchy. But, similar to Okay's trademark incongruity, the instrumentation here serves as sort of a sarcastic, crushing backdrop for the truly sad story the lyrics tell. Above that chirping, weightless guitar, this song is about "the supervisor, his boss, and the sad bitch that he dates." And then it carries on at a weird, almost naively upbeat pace, the musical equivalent of a fool flashing a goofy smile and playing hopscotch after all of his friends leave him. Maybe the lesson here is to enjoy yourself in the face of helplessness - and for that reason, I can't decide if this song is uplifting or depressing. Either way, the narrative is pretty damn impressive.

Check Fabulist's original post here, where they debut the Orouni track, alongside a host of other songs. Then hop on over to their front page and snoop around.

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