Best of the Web: Fabulist


We've long kicked around the idea of broadening our scope here at betterPropaganda, hooking on to the world of literature / fashion / culture to bring a little variety to our content. But we always run into a roadblock - Caleb and I are a bit too busy to start that lit mag we were kicking around; no one's had the expertise to compile that "concert fashion" photojournalism piece we brainstormed a while back. In short, we stick with what we know.

This is why sites like Fabulist tickle my fancy. Olga Nunes runs the place, most likely with the help of a hundred elves or something, because how else would they dig up the fascinating stuff they do on a daily basis? It's a cultural grab bag - music highlights, yes, but they also feature art and architecture, consumer culture, videos, oddball news, and whatever else comes on their radar. With such variety, Fabulist is kind of like that friend who takes up a new hobby each week and always manages to transpose their enthusiasm onto you. It's all put together with class and more than a small touch of youth and carefree spirit. (Take the tiny "disclaimer" in the right column: "Hey over there. We think you're pretty awesome. This has been a public service announcement from the Kids for More Awesome Trust." Why, thanks!)

Look for these fashionable kids to start doing guest content for betterPropaganda, in the vein of Rock Sellout's recent contributions. We're not quite sure how that's going to play out, but this recent post - "Too Legit Fridays" - might give you a bit of an idea what to expect out of them. Stay tuned.

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