Rock Sellout Presents: Natalie Portman's Shaved Head


Our friends at Rock Sellout are fervently loyal to the slush pile - every so often, they dig out a great band and introduce them to the world, allowing said band to make its first blip on the Hype Machine radar - inevitably the first step on the path to stardom. Rock Sellout has generously agreed to pass on their discoveries, allowing us to feature their obscure gems. For this we are grateful.

Today's find is Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. (Err, the band. She shaved her head a while ago.) The name rang a bell - hadn't I heard of these guys before? Didn't Dave Eggers once pay them a passionate, aggrandized, Eggers-esque compliment after they played a show at the opening of his 826 Seattle store? Turns out my memory serves me well - a quick web search confirms the connection. Through dumb luck, these guys came on my radar a while ago - a guy I worked with played with them and couldn't stop raving the next day.

Here's where my memory breaks down a little bit - I seem to remember them playing some screaming, thrashed-out noise rock, and I wasn't really interested at that point. That recollection may be accurate too, but there sure as hell isn't any evidence around to confirm that. I don't know what happened between then and now, but N.P.S.H. returns as a badass, clever, pop-electronic outfit fit to rumble through a dancefloor or two. Or even several dancefloors - they're on tour with CSS this summer, so they must be doing something right. A hearty thanks to Rock Sellout for pulling them back into light. Here's what Keath had to say:

With a name like Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, you know this is a band that's more concerned with their music than long term brand viability. Maybe the legal eagles see the gig posters and think it's some art house showing of V for Vendetta. Luckily, the music replaces the absurdity of the name with good feelings from quality songwriting. Quirky, bouncy rock with plenty of computer bloops and synthesizers. Fab tunes - and equally adept at gaining you rep at either rock shows or DJ sets.

They've got a new album called "Glistening Pleasure" - I've listened to it and it's this good all the way through. A nice perky summer find.

Take a listen: Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Slow Motion Tag Team

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