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Our friends at Rock Sellout are fervently loyal to the slush pile - every so often, they dig out a great band and introduce them to the world, allowing said band to make its first blip on the Hype Machine radar - inevitably the first step on the path to stardom. Rock Sellout has generously agreed to pass on their discoveries, allowing us to feature their obscure gems. For this we are grateful. Here's the first installment of what will become an ongoing feature - an introduction to the best new bands around, delivered by some of our favorite blogs. Turn Blue is today's artist - here's what Rock Sellout has to say:

I grabbed a bite to eat with a few coworkers after work this evening. I had a conversation with one of them about how the site has supported the local music scene and what we look for in the bands we choose to write about. It's definitely not as easy as picking out a new puppy and selecting the one whose temperament is best. Au contraire! There are a significant amount of local acts with large fanbases in this area, but the listening experience is about as interesting as an empty box of condoms. While it might be beneficial from a growth perspective to cater to these acts, the size of this site has never really been the focus…we've always opted for quality over quantity in such situations.

Green Bay's Turn Blue is a perfect example of a band from my backyard that makes me proud. While many of the popular bands in the area were buying drinks for their buddies at a local watering hole, Turn Blue were digesting the albums that shaped their sound. The band's mission is clear: "Their musical goal is to write songs that they would enjoy listening to in the hopes that other people like themselves will enjoy listening to those songs as well".

Take a listen: Turn Blue - Number Talking Passion Vans

Head on over to read Rock Sellout's original introduction to the band, and take some time exploring the rest of their wonderful site.

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Turn Blue
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