Best of the Web: Said the Gramophone


If music criticism is an artform, Said the Gramophone is the abstract impressionist of the bunch. Through oblique and wonderfully imagistic blocks of prose, they highlight some incredible music, chasing the associations each track triggers rather than outlining the mechanics of the music itself. The philosophy behind the whole site seems to be: accompany brilliant audio with equally artistic prose, even (especially!) if the link between the two seems like free association. Check their recent spot on Now, Now Every Children for an example:

Inside me there lives a 15-year-old girl named Helen who is living this completely separate life to me; she has a bastard of a boyfriend, a poor diet, bad posture, she watches figure skating and Idol (secretly) and Gossip Girl and Criminal Minds, she has a gym membership and doesn't use it, a cell phone and overuses it, a smile with dark edges and eyes that always dart for the floor, too-small breasts and an obsession with animal rights that manifests no further than giving herself nightmares by going to disturbing websites. This is her favourite song, but other than listen to it together, we don't really hang out. She's got her own things, you know?

If you're into stuff that's arty and weird and even a little disorienting, Said the Gramophone is your new best friend.

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