Song of the Day 6/3/08: Tu Fawning: Out Like Bats


This track mysteriously showed up on my computer - I have no recollection of ever downloading or reading about it, but iTunes shuffled the rogue mp3 my way. A minute through, I urged our editor to chase down the rights and get "Out Like Bats" by Tu Fawning up on the site. The intro instantly recalls the sloshed, fuzzy intonations of early Sunset Rubdown demos - a comparison that rolls back around in decentered guitar and piano breaks. But the stuff in between takes it another direction entirely - vocalist Corrina Repp shudders through a shaky delivery, like an opera singer nearing old age. Relatively lo-fi, but dark and urgent, this is a marked departure from their previous project, 31 Knots. I'll be keeping an eye out for the upcoming Secession EP..

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