Best of the Web: Motel De Moka

Love these guys for two simple reasons - wicked variety and impeccable taste. They fire off mixes at just the right pace: about four or five times a week, 6-8 songs apiece, spanning musical genres and eras with equal prowess. Most importantly, they seem immune to hype (though they aren't averse to hyped bands if there's substance behind it), so most of their content comes from an unexpected angle. Check the complexion of some of their latest offerings to get an idea of what they highlight:

-Slow Start, some early 2008 folk/rock favorites, with one 2005 gem thrown in

-Bad Dreams, mostly turn-of-the-century electronic churners

-RĂ©, an exotic jazz / world beat cross-section from the early 70s

-I Remember Hip Hop, an homage to hip hop's Golden Age, with a bunch of great 90s picks

It's a pretty exotic selection, and they offer some intriguing images, poetry, quotes, political insights or whatever else to contextualize the mixes in an abstract way. A visit to their staff page reveals where these fresh ears are coming from: contributors are scattered across France, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Beijing and Istanbul. They've got the globe covered, and if you follow their mesh of tastes you're sure to hit a mix you dig.

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