Song of the Day 5/15/08: Tim Fite - Big Mistake


Most telling about Tim Fite, I think, is the heavy presence of The Mountain Goats in the betterPropaganda similars section. It's kind of an odd comparison, considering the two acts don't really share much in the way of vocal quality, chord progressions or, hell, prominent instrumentation (Fite's clean acoustic guitar is the polar opposite of John Darnielle's haggard, messy six-string).

It's the lyrical content that provides the common thread. Each frontman flashes a poetic bent that's reckless and apologetic and proud all at once, sort of an "I'm-fucked-but-you're-fucked-too, welcome-to-humanity" attitude from our narrator. Listen to the crass one-upmanship in Big Mistake - "tell me a dirty joke and I'll laugh it off lightly / if I tell you a dirty joke, you might not like me." I'm almost positive he's flashing that doomed smirk that Darnielle patented.

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