Best of the Web - Muxtape


Yeah, Muxtape is already 100 in internet hype years, but we're hooked on the sheer simplicity and flexibility it offers. As its name implies, Muxtape is an homage to the art of the handcrafted music mix. Create an account (15 second signup), upload 12 songs, give the link to a friend (or several). The interface is gloriously simple: clicking first link is equivalent to pressing play on a classic cassette deck - the rest of your mix will stream all the way through to the end. Purists who romanticize the notion of physical mixtapes as an intimate gift may be put off by the concept of digitalizing the form, but trust us - Muxtape captures the spirit of the mixtape as well as anyone could. I'm obsessed with it - I've made 8 separate muxes for friends in the two months since it's been released.

We made you one to get you hooked:

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