Song of the Day 5/12/08: Animal Collective - Water Curses


Animal Collective is perhaps most lauded for their hyper-aggressive commitment to lovingly dismantling and reassembling the definition of freak-pop as they see fit. If there's one theme you can count on as an anchor through the stylistic A.D.D., it's the romanticizing (and sometimes fetishizing) of the natural world as a source of safety and magic. Take this line from their latest, Water Curses: "I want to be like water / and slip into your throat / and make you feel alive and good." Nature trumps what would otherwise be a morbid line and makes it nurturing. The lyricism here is eerily close to Jeff Mangum's line about pushing fingers through a lover's throat on "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," and it's only the physicality of the latter that gives it a more sinister tint. This single would make sense as a Feels offshoot, what with bubbly, liquid instrumentation that bypasses the thunder that shows up across Strawberry Jam. One thing is clear: these guys do not rest.

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