Best of the Web - Rock Sellout


We dig the guys over at Rock Sellout, and in the past few weeks they've kicked up their quality output in a wicked way. They've always been a reliable source for new music recommendations - seems they attack the unsolicited slush pile with a caring fervor and patience that most music journalists can't pull off, so they're particularly kind to the new guys looking for a break. What they do turn up covers a smattering of genres, centering around the rock aesthetic (to varying degrees of loudness) but branching out into electro and folk occasionally. If you need a means to anchor that very vague description, pop out their guest picks playlist they did for us a while ago and let ten of their favorite tracks run through your speakers. Then, click through to their site and browse around. This week they nabbed an interview with Ladytron's frontwoman - let's be honest, frontbabe - Helen Marnie. You can check that right here - then, mull around the rest of their retro, paint-splattered site.

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