Song of the Day 4/30/08: Boddicker - When I Go Out


If you're the type of listener who throws on some early Modest Mouse every so often for nostalgia's sake - we're talking pre Moon & Antarctica, of course - then Boddicker is right up your alley. "When I Go Out" is crassly arranged, and Caleb Boddicker's delivery is a hopelessly simple mess. In this case, more is more - lines like "when I go out I find things out / I twist and shout and kiss your mouth" are heartrending, if only for their desperate and superfluous construction. Much like Isaac Brock, Boddicker doesn't aim to hit notes - instead, he chooses to miss them, but in the most meaningful ways. Banter Records kept an eye on Boddicker for three years while he sat on the demo; they recently released his official debut, Big Lionhearted and the Gallant Man.

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