Hieroglyphics: Full Circle Vinyl

It's no secret that downloaded music has created an economic crisis for every level of recording artist, as physical unit sales are what the music industry has been all about for decades. Somehow, people always forget to mention that if it's about selling a product, you better well have a damn compelling object to offer, or people are going to part with their hard earned cash elsewhere, especially when it comes to music, which is so easily acquired- free of charge- online in 2004.

Which brings us to two highly noteworthy and damn compelling objects. Oakland's Hieroglyphics have released their latest album Full Circle on vinyl, including the regular version of the album, and the whole thing in instrumentals. Yeehaw. These thick slabs of beats- presented in simple white sleeves, each version a double record set- are enough to make any hip-hop DJ start drooling, or bug-eye twitching tweaking crazy, way far off over the bar into that "I NEED THOSE" category. I actually flashed these things to a room of my DJ friends and had to quickly beat a path out the door for fear that I would never see the records again, these things are that hot. Plus, vinyl's one of those things you can't download. Or buy new at Amazon. So get yourself over to the Hiero's website and order some artist direct, but try not to drool on your keyboard, for reals.

Oh yeah, the music. Well, the Hieros have easily got to be one of the best hip-hop groups in the world these days, and their lushly layered musical arrangements are enough to floor both the longtime fan or any old music lover. Full Circle is a gem for the ages.

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