New Site Features: Weekly Podcast, RSS feed, and more


You may have noticed a couple new buttons located above our navigation menus - we've recently made some upgrades to feed you our content in a more efficient manner. Here's the quick rundown:

Newsletter: The weekly newsletter is back. Get our favorite picks delivered to your inbox each week - free downloads, reviews and a video in every issue. If you aren't subscribed, sign up here.

Podcast: For the iPod obsessed - subscribe to our podcast, which features weekly mini-mixes of our newest mp3s, and a monthly full-length mix, including some exclusives you won't find anywhere else on the site. You can set up iTunes to download these samplers automatically. Conveniently, today marks the launch of the weekly mix - Crystal Castles, UFO!, Jamie Lidell and M83 grace the inaugural episode.

RSS: Feed dwellers, rejoice: we're happy to announce the debut of our RSS feed. Toss it in your preferred reader, and we'll keep you up to speed on new content that hits the site. In addition, you'll get a weekly package of EVERY new download from the past seven days, presented in a clean, simple format. Like so:

Ahhh. Nothing like free music.

the betterPropaganda team

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