Best of the Web 4/8/08


Here are some of our favorite discoveries from around the web this week:

Boy Eats Drum Machine remixes Radiohead's "Nude"
Great mix from little-known Portland artist Boy Eats Drum Machine, which isn't getting enough recognition in that Radiohead remix contest (mainly because, well, he's a little-known Portland artist). Local Cut essentially phrases it how I would: I mean, Holy Fuck's remix is good, sure, but is it fifty times as good as Portland dub/hip-hop/pop maestro Boy Eats Drum Machine's remix? No, no it's not . . . I'll go out on a limb, in fact, and say that BEDM's version kicks Holy Fuck's ass. It's an old-west high-noon bad-ass motherfucker of a remix, and it is superior. (via Local Cut)

Measure for Measure, discovered by way of Brooklyn Vegan's writeup:
In the coming weeks, the contributors to this blog -- all accomplished songwriters -- will pull back the curtain on the creative process as they write about their work on a songs in the making. Andrew Bird & Suzanne Vega did posts so far. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

Brothers - Exclusive FADER Mix:
Brothers are kind of the unsung heroes of Brooklyn right now. The two producers have their paws on a grip of projects, each unique and nutty in their own right, some more well-known than others. So we asked dudes to put together a sampler mix . . . at 13:45 you get an unreleased track from a project between !!!'s Tyler Pope and Spank Rock's Naeem Juwan where Naeem kind of sounds like David Bowie and there's tons of static behind the beat but it's still danceable. (thanks FADER for hosting, RCRDLBL for tipping us off)

Sophia Lamar - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off:
NYC's most fashionable girl covering Louis Armstrong (+ sampling The Fall). Post-blog-house, post-banger, post-everything. And it's like four years old. (via F.Y.O.F.)

Matinee Orchestra:
I submit for evidence item a: a track called "Imagination Of A Watermelon" and item b: "Hide & Seek," with what sounds like Japanese children, and laughter, and the strangest sort of music box dissonance. It's all rather wonderful and strange, and I think it is especially good music for doing things like drawing in coloring books. (via Fabulist)

Enjoyed - A Tribute to Bjork's Post:
While Björk continues sailing, searching out newer sounds, take a listen to how a dozen of our favorite artists -- many of them bands we've told you To Watch in the last year -- tackled her older ones. Liars deconstruct "Army Of Me" and up its distorted fuzz. No Age remove "It's Oh So Quiet"'s choruses and big band, turning it into a melancholic Jesus & Mary Chain-tinged love song. El Guincho whittles "Cover Me" into pure rhythm with dark, spiraling, waterlogged loops and a steady snare hit. (via Stereogum)

If you find something you dig - new blogs, fresh artists, or whatever else seems relevant - email us at with the link. If we like your recommendation, we'll include it in next week's round up and give you credit.

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