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Frida Hyvonen - You Never Got Me Right

If a therapist turned me loose on a free association exercise, with this track as the starting point, I'd arrive pretty quickly at the anecdote of my best friend wigging out after her umpteenth breakup, teetering on that tipping point between devastated and empowered by a fresh dose of freedom. Fuck that guy!, she's convincing herself, I'm better than that!, but of course her cracking voice gives her away. The piano on You Never Got Me Right is manic, pushing forward with the same desperate enthusiasm, then pulling back to qualify her sanity: "I never want to see your pretty face again," she carefully declares, "I don't think I'll be your lifelong friend." Maybe they never get us right, but then again, we so rarely get ourselves right that it's futile to project the blame.


Jens Lekman
Blonde Redhead

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