Noise Pop '08: The Dodos


Thursday, February 28th – The Dodos at Café du Nord

Although there were some other great shows going on around town, I opted for The Dodos because I had heard such great things about them but failed to actually hear their music. They’re a San Francisco band and, being a newly-transferred San Franciscan, I felt it was my duty to hear the city’s most-hyped band. So headed over to Café du Nord, which is one of the best small venues in existence. It’s all downstairs, dark, and the bar is beautifully lit up, while the stage is small, tucked away in the back, and this all combines to form an intimate atmosphere, perfect for independent music.

On this particular night, I got their early, so my friend could get in with his badge. It was a good decision as three opening acts were interesting. Willow, Willow played sweet acoustic pop, like a happier version of Azure Ray. Bodies of Water rocked the house with what sounded like maritime rock music, then Or, The Whale brought their countrified pop rock sound. Although these bands were good, The Dodos fit into a class of their own.

The Dodos are a guitar and drums duo that just inked a deal with Frenchkiss Records. They’re album, Visiter, is slated for release on March 18th. For their show, they brought in a knick-knack percussionist, which was a necessary element to complete their Animal Collective-Akron/Family sound. Although it was difficult to see the band due to the abnormally tall crowd and the fact that they were sitting down, it was an excellent show. I caught glimpses of singer Meric Long rocking back and forth on his chair, banging his head to the thumping rhythms that drummer Logan Kroeber laid down. Their songs were long, filled with brilliant changes and it was inspiring to see Kroeber able to maintain such hard, fast rhythms over such a long period of time. I have to admit that I was not excited to go to this show because I was deathly tired, but I’m so glad I did because I found my new favorite band.

Caleb Morairty

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