From the Archives: The Perceptionists

Anyone who claims even surface knowledge of underground hip hop needs to back their credibility on the essential releases of Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, the pair of influential emcees who, early this decade, reestablished Boston as a major center of hip hop culture. When I was first exposed to the Perceptionists - in my brother's living room in Boston - what stuck with me wasn't the prospect of two seminal artists under the same moniker, but the notion that the pairing, sonically, made so much damn sense. Joined by DJ Fakts One, I hesitate to label this trio a supergroup, because the term carries with it the implication of gimmicky capitalization on name recognition - a criticism that the Perceptionists transcend with authority. No one's trying to one-up each other here; in this case, the sum of lyrical talent is truly greater than the parts. Check the download of Let's Move from our archives, and hold your breath for a second full length from this groundbreaking collective.

For a who's-who of brilliant hip hop artists, keep an eye out for these names in the similiars:

Aesop Rock
C-Rayz Walz
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