From the Archives: AGF.3+Sue.C vs. Laurie Anderson

Marzipan has a mother, and her name is Laurie Anderson. Or maybe they're more obliquely linked - maybe it's that Anderson, with her legacy, carved out a dark and smiling cave for AGF.3 + Sue.C to crawl into. From the moment AGF.3 calmly proclaims that her "brain bursts" at the outset of this track - and then, just as calmly, moves on - it becomes impossible to unsocket the European duo from the context of Anderson's work. Not to say that AGF.3 + Sue.C, 24 years after Anderson's "From the Air", are copycats - these tracks are so wildly divergent in form and style that it'd be hard to even pin the latter as a conclusive influence of the former. But AGF flaunts the wry, dark delivery that Anderson cornered in her work; each track sketches a self-imprinted downfall, but only as background for a large, surreal brand of hope. "I have to create something massive," says AGF. Maybe what she's created is the record of the time.

Play Marzipan back to back against Anderson's From the Air (remixed here by Dan the Automator, largely as an act of preservation).

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