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What we do at betterPropaganda is equal parts promotion and preservation. We provide a constant stream of free downloads from current recording artists, but it's easy for new users to overlook the gems buried a few years back in our database. So we're kicking off a series designed to highlight the older tracks we rediscovered through our player's "related" feature - or the ones that stuck with us all along. Howard Hello's "Belief" is the first installation in the series.

The outset of Belief seats you, appropriately, in the central pew of a church, with an angelic choir and a lofted organ resonating between the walls. But pretty soon you become aware of a separate force tingling around the edges of this song - something like water droplets infused with electricity, misting up high against the stained glass windows. When the drizzle builds into a charged downpour, what you get is the crackling, fluid force of nature singing along. No wonder the female choir cuts out in awe.

Keep an eye out for Kenseth Thibideau's other projects in the related downloads - most notably, Prints and Pinback.
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Howard Hello
song:Even More of The Same
album:EP (Temporary Residence LTD.)
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Howard Hello
album:Howard Hello (Temporary Reside…
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