Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Live at the Fillmore, May 9th


Something About a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Gig Makes Me Want To Drink Beer.

Something about seeing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club makes me want to drink beer. Lot's of beer. Last night at the Fillmore was no exception.

Leaning on the shoulders of Jesus and Mary Chain, Love and Rockets, Sonic Youth, et al, BRMC mashed it up an explosion of sound distinctively all their own.

To see them leaning over the microphones reminded me of a whole "rock" attitude that has been lost on other members of this generation. The black-clad rebel thing is back in the vibe.

The show drew heavily from their recent release, Baby 81. The best of from this lot was the hit-ready "Weapon of Choice", the chorus of "I won't waste my love on nation" pumped the crowd up and provided a turning point in the show that continued to build in mood and intensity through out. They felt big, epic, important.

When I saw BRMC at the Great American Music Hall here in San Francisco a couple years ago I felt the opposite, the show lacked intensity (much the same could be said for the somewhat dull turns of Howl the album they were supporting at the time). In fact, it took a couple of numbers before I realized they were on stage. Not so last night.

My only complaint was that they included so little of their earlier material. Like many in the crowd, I was excited to hear the few old tracks. I would have been nice to hear a more from their second album, still their best.

Another big difference from the last time I saw them was that Robert Turner was in the driver's seat this time. Peter Hayes, was a presence, but not up-in-front as he usually has been in the past.

Be warned if you have tickets for their up-coming dates: I found out later that Robert Turner and Peter Hayes came out into the tiny crowd before their set to play an acoustic mini show featuring "Complicated Situation", "Love Burns", "Rifles", and "Shuffle Your Feet". I'm bummed I missed it.

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