Mike Patton's Peeping Tom w/ Dan the Automator

I saw Peeping Tom, a Mike Patton project with Dan the Automator of Handsome Boy Modeling School (etc.), last week at Irving Plaza in NYC.

I was quickly reminded that Patton has been making hip hop/ rock with a hard punch for more than 20 years. Here he was doing hands-in-the-air-hardcore-hip-hop. Not my usual thing. But the show blew my head off. My friend, who went drinkless, seemed semi-drugged by the end - lit up like a guy with an adrenaline smile exiting a kick boxing class.

Check out Peeping Tom's tour schedule (sorry to direct you to DieSpace; it's all they had). Miho Hatori opened with Pigeon John in NYC, but she will not be apearing in most of the remaining shows.

ken [ Also blogged on SFGate, the San Francisco Chronicle website ]
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