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New CD Swap Site to Give Back to Artists
A new Web site that aims to transform music industry economics is set to go live on Thursday, giving musicians a major cut of the proceeds while largely freezing out record labels and other intermediaries.

MOG Tests Music-Based Social Network
A test version of the niche social networking site launched on Tuesday with the aim of hooking up people based on their taste in music – a sort of for music junkies.

EMI Signs on with New Ad-Supported P2P Music Service
EMI Group said Monday that it would make its music catalog available to the first advertising supported peer-to-peer service as the entertainment industry embraces the same technology that once nearly crippled it.

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New Acts Building Fan Base Try to Phone It In
Aiming to attract fans and land record deals, new groups offer ring tones, sound mixes, other content for mobile phones.

Digital Music Finds Some Locker Room
A number of companies have created online content "lockers" where users can upload their digital media files for storage that they can subsequently access from multiple devices.

Big Content Eyes P2P, May Destroy Internet as Result
There is little doubt that P2P will play a huge role in our non-stop-content consuming future. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, major media players such as Disney, Sony, Warner and Universal will harness peer-to-peer networks in order to lower cost and reap the benefits from millions of dollars in "free" bandwidth.

Music Videos Morph Online, RIAA Enforcement Begins
The trading of audio files has always been a major focus for the RIAA, though little attention was paid to music video sharing until recently.


OP-ED: Indie-Rock Revolution, Fueled by Net Neutrality
Jenny Toomey and Michael Bracy, respectively the executive director and policy director for the Future of Music Coalition have written an evocative op-ed that links independent music and musicians success to the principle of net neutrality.


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