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Digital Music Sales on a Crescendo
Physical album sales keep dropping, but sales of digital music appear to be making up for the decline.

Download Service Set for U.K. Digital Radio
Consumers will soon be able to buy songs as they listen to them on digital radio using a download service announced on Monday by UBC Media.

What's On Your iPod?
While interest in MP3 players and multimedia downloads is rising, more music is being ripped from CDs than downloaded, according to a study released Thursday by Ipsos Insight.

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BBC to Offer 'Personalized' Radio
The BBC wants to allow audiences to create personal radio stations from its content, its director general has said.

France Rolls Over on iTunes DRM-busting Law
France has given the thumbs-up to the defanged version of a controversial law that would have forced Apple Computer to open up its iTunes digital rights management to players other than its iPod.

How Silver-haired Surfers are Bringing the Single Back to Life
For the first time many more obscure singles are available since they were originally issued in the 1960s or 1970s as bands and individual artists as well as record companies broaden online back catalogues.

Free, Legal and Ignored
According to the Wall Street Journal many college students offered "free" access to a digital music service – under the stipulation that the tracks they download will expire upon graduation – turn up their collective collegiate noses and fire up so-called "illegal" P2P applications anyway.


We Aren't All Pirates
The notion that the record labels are overstepping their bounds and using government to protect their increasingly fragile cartel may be breaking through to a whole new audience. An editorial out today delivers just that message; the labels have gone too far. "We aren't all pirates", straight from the editorial page of today's L.A. Times.


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